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Gothic/Paranormal fiction at its finest...

Murder, mystery and intrigue makes way for extraordinary supernatural events...


and very well


Mark Mayes

A paranormal/ magical realism novella and short stories at their best

"A wonderful novella and short stories that will keep you flipping pages"

Heather Gilbert


Audrey Ackerman is sent to investigate the constant barking of two dogs: what she discovers is the strangest series of events you will have ever read about...

"Griffin paints with words..."
Peter Draper, author

A fascinating time travel adventure that will grip you from beginning
to end...


"Great premise, scintillating pace, and
a most intriguing plot" 

Terry Bridge, a reporter for The Charington Echo, takes up the challenge to save Abbie Concordia...from the past in Victorian England.


An experimental literary novel portraying a young man's disturbed mind...


Donald Clement's protected memories are slowly revealed again to expose the shocking truth he has been hiding, even from himself…

"An extraordinary read"

Mark Mayes, author 

A fantastical journey into the dreaming mind...


"Another solid story from a gifted writer"

A seductive, surreal and imaginative tale of fantasy and love that will captivate you from beginning to end.

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