The Unusual Possession of Alastair Stubb
Theodore Stubb is within his attic, adding another

specimen to his extensive collection of insects...

As well as an entomologist, he is a master hypnotist. Eleanor – taken from the sanatorium two months before – is still haunted, believing that her stillborn child Alastair lives and hides in the shadows.


She becomes pregnant again by the hypnotic coersion and ravishment of her father-in-law Theodore. The murder, mystery and intrigue which follow leave dreadful secrets to be uncovered; and thirteen years later the boy Alastair begins to lose his identity…


A gothic terror heralds the climax of dream-like and hallucinatory events; secrets unfolding, both disturbing and astonishing.

"Here's a virtual round of applause for the author, who has created an amazingly surreal world where mystery thrives – it's a hauntingly good read. "

Little Bookness Lane     *****



"This is a book full of curiosities, written with artistry and imagination."

zeudy tigre


"The plot is intriguing, the telling evocative, the imagery stunning. "

Jackie Law     *****

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