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Two Dogs At
The One Dog Inn


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"Unique story telling and unusual plot lines......." Peter Draper


"A wonderful novella and short stories that will keep you flipping pages" Heather Gilbert



"Great story with an interesting and surprising ending... " Rain H.


"Excellent Read" Jeff B.




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a magical realism/paranormal novella and 12 short stories

Dogs are reported for their constant barking

 … and so begins one of the strangest stories you will ever read.


Audrey Ackerman, sent to visit the dogs at a 17th century coach house,

is unsettled by paranormal sightings.


Stella Bridgeport – manager at The Animal Welfare Union  – communicates with Audrey via emails. And those Stella receives are as startling as they are incredible: descriptions of extraordinary events concerning a science fiction writer’s journal; giant swans; bizarre android receptionist; a ghost dog.


Insanity or fantasy? Fact or fiction? The only given is, it all starts and ends with two dogs at The One Dog Inn.


...and other stories: 12 short stories with aspects of the macabre, the surreal or the strangeness of magical realism to entertain and delight you.

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